My main focus is to identify when to be in, and when to be out of markets and what stocks to be in when things are good.

I have no problem sitting in cash for weeks while waiting for the right setups.

This preserves real capital and more importantly, mental capital.

Getting chopped up in bad markets with no trend will do untold damage to your psyche and trading capital.

I go through hundreds and hundreds of charts nightly and write my thoughts on markets and any stocks who are set to move.

It’s very important to have clear buy points and execute the buy at the right time and that is my specialty.

If you’d like to learn how to become a profitable and consistent trader who takes advantage of the good times and enjoys life while waiting for the good times to return, now is the time to join my “Daily Trade Ideas” in the top right margin.

Once you understand my approach you’ll understand how great life can be!

Warren Bevan