BIDU Notes Jan 28th Evening.


Many are calling this BIDU bull flag but they report February 4th next week so be careful.  I’m not really into considering this trade right now but if it does get above the gap left late October at the $110 area then it could move BUT the 200 day is just above at $114.
I’ll probably avoid this one right now.

2 thoughts on “BIDU Notes Jan 28th Evening.

  1. Warren,

    Can you explain what the subscription provides? Is it the same as your old “PreciousMetals” subscription, where you provided intra-day emails about your trading executions or is it just an end of day newsletter? Is the “Portfolio” still included in the subscription? JUst need some clarification of what the differences are from your previous service, before I subscribe. Sorry to use this blog post for the questions…don’t see how to contact you privately.

    Arthur Lee

    • Hey Arthur. I talk every evenings about any stock which looks good at the time and my market views. I also include which positions I hold along with my heavy paying dividend portfolio along with al the mining stocks I hold.

      I’m always adapting and improving the newsletter and think it’s better than it’s ever been now by a long shot.

      I talk about how and why I am thinking what I am at the time and try and teach my methods to being successful in the markets.
      Hope that helps.

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