Super Flag

I’m working on our new site and should have everything integrated into it soon enough but for now I’m operating with two sites.  This one for blog posts andmy old one with subscriber information and subscription capabilities.

This a great recent example of what subscribers have been seeing this past week.

I talked about REGN and many other stocks just before they were ready to breakout but REGN was the nicest pattern of all, but certainly not the only one that worked out.

The high tight flag pattern had subscribers buying right at the $177 buy point and they saw a gain of over $10 in a single day.

Now Friday we saw a retracement all the way back to the breakout level where I was buying into the close.

Stops are just below the breakout point.

I’m constantly scanning charts and go over many hundreds of charts each evening looking for these super setups so join today and let me do the hard work!

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