Perfect Top Bar

AAPLMonday I mentioned on both twitter and in my nightly letter for subscribers that AAPL had put in a topping bar but needed Tuesday to confirm it.

Tuesday confirmed it and many subscribers have been short from around the $660 area giving them some $15 profits in only a couple days.  Many used options and as I’m sure you know that increases profits exponentially.

$440 is the next support level and that doesn’t mean it will be hit exactly.  We may have put in a temporary low already.

There hasn’t been too many trades to take lately but this one has been good to us.

As for the general markets, I’m most focused on the S&P 500 right now and my view today is that we have topped and will begin a move lower by Tuesday at the latest.

Of course the market is always right and my views can change quickly and I detail my views every evening and they can change often and quickly.

Have a great long weekend and be patient and cautious at this time.


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