SPY Thoughts April 30

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”Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.”  Rodney Dangerfield

A nice enough day with our 2 bounce plays working well, PCLN and GOOGL and we also added a few today in NFLX SLW and YY.

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Markets are looking pretty good as I talked about last night but leading stocks are still on wobbly legs but some nice bounces are taking place and we’re trying to take advantage of them.

Let’s get right to the charts tonight.

SPY April 29, 2014SPY is looking good with what could be called a sharp and short cup and handle and $188 is the breakout level.

Again though, leading stocks are not telling me SPY will breakout and work, rather a quick run-up and breakout failure would be more likely.

I hope I’m wrong and we can really get going from here but we always have to be open to a move either way and not be stubborn if a move goes against us.

Also, I opened up my site and real-time trades to you for the last week for one reason and that is to try and make you enough money to pay for my service.

I have no qualms charging $500 for 5 months since I’ll make you that and much more, perhaps even in your first trade as we just did with GOOGL and PCLN.

Some people may think it’s expensive but it is not compared to the profits you can reap and also the damage you can avoid as we’ve been mostly doing lately.

Have a swell night and Wednesday.


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