Intra-day Trades Only

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“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”  John Wooden

Another weak day for markets and stocks whose charts are showing sever damage now.

That said, we are very oversold and I covered all my shorts near the end of the day today for some solid gains all in all and I almost went long some SPY calls but I did not see the action I wanted in order for me to take that trade.

It may be a do nothing kind of day Wednesday but time will tell, not me.

I am long in very small size a couple smaller stocks that I’ll touch on later for subscribers.

I just want to mention one last time that tonight is the last chance you’ll have to join this 3 month term of my real-time trading.

It’s only $100 a month and it does include this nightly full letter.

Please subscribe here and see just how quickly you will pay for this service and then much more.

SPY October 15, 2014No real sign of a bounce here but SPY did print a bit of a Doji bar today which often signals a trend reversal after a move, but it wasn’t good enough to get me long the SPY with calls.

I may take a trade tomorrow or I may not.

It is really hard to say much in this type of market since there are no good setups on the long or short-side yet so only real-time members can get my thoughts throughout the day as setups may develop.

Careful out there!

I’m playing in small size only, if at all.


2 thoughts on “Intra-day Trades Only

  1. Password isn’t working for me and so I missed you full blog for the real time and nightly subscribers. If there wasn’t one, no worries.

    Mike Lyon

    • You can email me for the password if you did not get it since I won’t post it on my sire under the comments section but you should have got the email containing the new password last night.

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