Weak Markets Give Strong Rallies But They Don’t Last

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“Confine yourself to the present.”  Marcus Aurelius

A strong Friday to be sure but weak markets do tend to give sharp strong but very short-lived rallies.

I still do not see this as being a low but that can change.

Most stock charts are still a mess so cash remains king.

SPY October 20, 2014SPY had a huge day but did gap higher and I was in no mood to take a trade late Thursday and risk it.

I do take trades at the end of the day once the daily bar is near complete, but only in select situations and I have not seen that situation appear yet.

A move above the 200 day and 190 area with volume and on a closing basis would be good and I may reconsider my stance then but as I said, so many charts are very broken and need time to give us safer entries.

Enjoy your weekend.


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