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“Money can’t buy you happiness but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery.”  Spike Milligan

A nice rest day for markets and many stocks who are overbought after a quick and hard run.
I am moving into select stocks in small to medium size now and there are a few who are soon to report earnings and may be a buy directly afterwards.
Everything looks really great and I expect a superb run into the end of the year which will keep us very busy and focused on stocks.

SPY October 28, 2014A nice day for the SPY ETF and now it should range between the 196 area and 194 for perhaps this whole week.

A break above this 196 area is a buy and an all clear signal for stocks who have proper setups while a break on a daily closing basis under 194 would be a signal to reduce or get out of positions.

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