Gap Gap And Away

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“There are no short cuts to any place worth going.” ~Beverly Sills

A wild day that began with a huge gap open so I could not chase it unfortunately.

On the weekend I called for this correction to end mid to late week and I was right but I didn’t capitalize on it due to the gap opens unfortunately.

I just didn’t see the SPY action that told me to get long during the day, although overnight, I did.

One housekeeping note is my real-time membership is coming to a close next week.

I was not thinking about doing it again with markets kind of junky but more and more I’m considering it since I am seeing more and more stocks setting up even just the last 2 days.

SPY January 9, 2015A sick gap to open the day and I did not think it would hold.

I tried a couple SPY shorts today but lost on both of them quickly.

I can’t fight the tape, but when the S&P is up 20 handles and stalling I consider it and and doubly so up 30 handles but both tries failed today.

I did do some buying on stocks today and we could be ready for a nice run and lots more buying.

Things are really shaping up nicely all of a sudden and that is why I pay attention everyday.

I’ll be doing lots of homework tonight and I suggest the same for anyone serious about making money in the markets.


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