Living On The Edge

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“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” ~Jim Rohn

A pretty quiet Friday after a wild ride all week long was nice to see and now we’ve got a long weekend.

To be honest, I though next weekend was the long weekend and was planning to run away and do some skiing for a few days but discovering late Friday that this was the long weekend put the kibosh on that plan.

Living in Canada, I’m not so up on the long weekends sometimes.

Anyhow, we’re closed Monday and I’ll be very curious to see how markets around the world and metals trade.

US markets still are very sloppy, and that means weak, so trading small and cautiously is key.

I really didn’t do much Friday except try a little GS which I was stopped out of $1 under my buy point and that is fine.

Enjoy your long weekend, now let’s dive into the charts and see what I can see.

SPY January 20, 2015SPY is so far holding the 100 day average area but is building a small bear flag which points to a move lower.

We should see a move to the 200 day in the week ahead so shorting small at the 202 to 202.50 area looks viable and then adding to the position on a move under 199 then 198 for a break to the 200 day at 195 seems to be a play I’ll be looking at.

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.


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