Finally Stocks Are Acting Right

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“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~Napoleon Hill

Aaaahhh, it’s so nice to finally see a market and stocks that are working after such a long time with false breakouts and short moves.

Who knows how long it will last but so far so good and the leading stocks are behaving much different and great since NFLX reported good earnings earlier in the week.

When the the getting is good I have to get it.

I am all in and on full margin now.

SPY January 23, 2015A great move in the SPY on increasing volume which is what I like to see.

207.50 should be next and then we see how the action is.

I took some flack last night for calling it go time but the behavior of leading stocks had changed and I noticed that and said so.

It’s not my problem if people cannot see the forest through the trees but I can, and do.

Have a nice night.


4 thoughts on “Finally Stocks Are Acting Right

  1. You were not called a Douche bag for calling higher prices, you were called it as there is low volume distribution to the sheeple. Your followers may not be able to exit positions as quick as required when the market gaps down! Hence you are a Douche bag as some poor bastard may blindly follow you. So when you Tweet, Tweet the whole story!

    • Look, I spend and have spent a lot of time watching and trading the markets.
      Something changed this week and for the good.
      If you can’t see that, that is your issue to learn so kindly find someone else to troll who maybe knows less than yourself.

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