SPY Failed To Breakdown

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“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” — Truman Capote

SPY tried to breakdown today but so far can’t.

Things still do look weak and I do have a small short position but that’s it.

My trading platform had some serious issues this am but it was resolved a couple hours into the day but that is never fun to go through.

I had no positions on so it wasn’t so bad in the end but it is very frustrating to deal with and worrying for when I do have heavy positions.

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SPY February 3, 2015SPY tried to break today and failed but is still looking to move lower anytime now.

A move above the 202.50 pivot area may delay for a few days or all-together

I shorted SPY with the 200 weekly Puts, 10 at 2.11 and I’m underwater for now and I should have stopped out but it is such a small position I decided to let it ride overnight considering the morning gaps we’ve now become accustomed to.

Strong finishes have seen many lower openings so perhaps we will see that take place Tuesday.

That said, it is a positive sign if markets can’t break so I’m ready to be trading on the long side as well.

Enjoy your evening.


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