Rest Day After the Breakout

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“Count your blessings! Things can always get better and could always be worse.” — Donald Neviaser

Stocks were weaker today so I did check out of a few but a few of ours are also doing very well and we’ve got some super buy points still setup to go or forming now.

Let the good times roll!

This bull market has yet to reach the frenzy or blow-off top phase but it is coming.

There are still a ton of bears out there but one day the won’t be and that day will be the top.

We remain on track to finish the winter off strong.

SPY February 24, 2015A great day for SPY who is holding the breakout.

I’d prefer to have seen it move strongly higher today but Monday’s have tended to be weaker and we see better action later in the week so we could be into another week like that now.

As long as we hold the breakout level we’re all good.

Enjoy your evening.


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