Never Short A Dull Market

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“Life must be lived as play.” – Plato

A pretty slow day but we did see some nice moves out of GOOGL and NFLX and we locked in some nice options gains there but EYES and BIOC were off hard and showed me losses.

I didn’t really do much at all today but things remain strong and setup for higher.

The more people calling for a crash and lower prices the better.

It is when we have everyone on the same side that I will be worried but that is far away yet.

SPY February 27, 2015SPY was shaky out of the gate but then came back to close the day nice and tight to the past few closes which is great.

Again, never short a dull market and today’s was quite dull for the most part but we are ready for a nice push higher anytime now.

It’s been weak early in the week and strong into the end lately but we may see that change next week.

It’s just a hunch I have.

One more day and it could be a fun one before we get to relax on the weekend.


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