Stocks Say It’s Breakout Time

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“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.”  Michelangelo

A great day for stocks including CLVS that we bought early today down at the 86 area and it is acting perfectly, as you want to see when a stocks breaks above a buy point, but that has been a rare event as of late so it’s a nice change.

Closing strongly and above $100 is so nice to see and on massive volume.

Markets are acting great and near highs in the case of the S&P and Nasdaq and the

Russell is trying to move back above a key level as well.

As I’ve said here, I have been in cash for a few weeks and began to buy back in this week and then more today and now I’m in the market with a decent size already.

We may just be starting this move, or it may fail and I’ll be quickly back to cash but so far it seems like our patience is paying off well, doubly so in the case of CLVS!

There is only 1 month left in my real-time trading service so it’s only $100 now and that includes any buy or sells I make sent to you in real-time via email, twitter and text message and it also includes the full version of this report where I delve into many stocks beyond the free blog portion where I talk about the SPY ETF only.

Everyone payed for their subscriptions today in spades with CLVS.

SPY May 15, 2015SPY is close to going and it needs to clear this 212 area on heavy volume and stocks are telling me it should happen very soon so let’s just see.

Have a great long, but never quite long enough, weekend.


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