Indecision Doji

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“Happiness is a state of activity.”  Aristotle

A pretty calm day Tuesday, and Monday was as well, so with me in cash and not interested in trading Monday, I took the evening off.

I’m seeing some sign of a low being in now as the SPY held and bounced off the 100 day average.

Many charts will need some time but we may well see some trade-able bounces soon.

SPY June 10, 2015SPY is holding the 100 day and showing a Doji bar which means indecision and that was pretty evident during todays trade which couldn’t get anything going one way or the other.

This Doji does needs a higher close tomorrow to confirm it but there may be some bounce plays develop soon.

I am not looking for deep correction since that has not been the pattern but I’m glad to have locked in gains last week.

Have a great night and enjoy being in case, if you are.


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