Surface Strength

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“If not us, who? If not now, when?” – John F. Kennedy

What a strong Friday, at least in the indexes.

Indexes do looks strong withe SPY ETF showing a nice reversal higher bar, but the futures are not showing quite the same strength.

The more I looked at stocks this weekend the less convinced I am that a low is in place as well.

I think this correction will last a week or so but Monday will tell that tale for sure.

If we get more strength, then I’ll be looking to get back into stocks, if not, I will look to short some stocks.

SPY December 7, 2015A great day on large volume pushing SPY nicely higher and printing  a reversal bar.

I’d prefer to see SPY move back above 210 before considering this a non-correction so let’s see how Monday plays out.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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