CRM trade Dec 11, 2012 updated

CRMHere is my CRM chart.

Subscribers had the original buy point on Dec 11 at the $158.60 area.

That morning the stock took off quickly and we had to be super quick getting in.

Next buy point was not long after as CRM moved above the $160 level.

So, a solid pattern break with strong volume.  That is a recipe for success.

As always, chasing a stock is something I rarely recommend and always tell subscribers to wait, there will be another chance.

That chance came today after a perfect 3 to 5 day day high flag formed and broke out today.  Today’s buy point was $168.25 and it’s looking great so far.

All that said, the original proper buy point some $10 below today’s buy point puts us in a much better position to weather any consolidation such as we just saw with this most recent flag.

Another winner, just in time for Christmas!

Trade them well, and by well I mean buying the right setup at the right time without emotions.

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