Great Stock Action

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“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” –Michael John Bobak

A great day with super action from stocks who are set to continue higher.

PYPL was the standout of our positions today, breaking nicely higher while AMZN looks to have a low in place now.

I’ll be traveling tomorrow evening so there will be no letter, or free blog post.

SPY March 22, 2016Great action as we move to the 207.50 resistance area.

We should see a couple weeks of rest once we hit resistance, but should is never for certain, so let’s just see how the action plays out.

Enjoy your night.


6 thoughts on “Great Stock Action

  1. The beautiful thing about suggesting the SPY is severely overbought (which it is) and that positions should be lightened up or exited….is that you will do the opposite. It is hilarious how you try to prove others (and the market) wrong. But good luck with that. Personally I’m down to one position, will look to scale into Spy short trade now.

  2. Given the severe overbought nature of Thi bear market rally, may be a good move to lighten up long positions. The smart money is positioning short! Could be a very aggressive short move coming in the next few days. You have been warned…

    • Smart money is losing if you’re indeed right, which is a very rare thing in your constant trolling comments.
      If you’re such a hot trader, why must you constantly pester me without using your name or posting your own thoughts.
      I’m 100% confident my record is far, far better than yours.

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