Stocks Are Turning Back Up On NFLX Earnings

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“Win or lose, everybody gets what they want out of the market. Some people seem to like to lose, so they win by losing money.”  Ed Seykota

A strong day for some stocks today after NFLX showed nice earnings numbers and took the market higher with it.

I saw some miners really begin to take off so I bought a few who I’ll talk about later in this letter, and I also bought a heavy weighting in TWLO as it found, held, and moved back up off a key support level.

TWLO is one of my top picks right now going forward so I was looking to get a heavy position on weakness.

The metals look like they are ready to make the turn higher with miners leading the way, as they often do.

october-19-2016SPY doesn’t look special here but it’s holding above the 200 day average, but not finding the power to best the 21 or 50 day averages yet.

I can be out of stocks very quickly, just as I can be in them quickly, so I am now pretty heavy into stocks, but still cautious and ready to get back into cash.

I know I said I’d likely not do much for a couple weeks but things can change quickly, and I can change my mind just as quickly.

Have a great night.


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