Apple Down


“Men of action are favored by the goddess of good luck.” – Richest Man in Babylon

We’re still seeing lots of choppy action and with AAPL down a bit tonight we may see that continue until later in the week when we see some more big players report numbers.

We’ve got more heavy hitters like AMZN CMG V MA and GOOGL reporting this week as well as many more so good number should take use higher, of course, the opposite is also true, so we wait and see.

Miners are doing well though, and although I did stop out of my GDX NUGT and SLW positions Monday at cost I got a new buy signal later in the day so I was back in, and remain in after todays solid action.

october-26-2016SPY has a lot going on including the very bearish large head and shoulders pattern.

Until we either move above 216, or move under the 213.50 area there won’t be much to talk about in terms of this chart.

Have a nice night.


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