This Is The End

“Time is expensive, spend it wisely.”  Warren Bevan

Well, this is my final blog and letter.

It’s been a busy week away and I’m off again, this time to see Roger Waters.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Tom Petty the past 2 year in Nashville, once with Mudcrutch and this year, with the HeartBreakers.

In retirement from writing, I hope to pounce on more and more of these types of opportunities since we’ve only got one life and I want to continue to enjoy and embrace it with enthusiasm and vigour.

Time is expensive, spend it wisely.

Markets continue to buck the seasonal trends and march higher.

Just wonderful action really but my trigger finger is ready to lock in hefty gains on any sign of weakness and reset my positions on the next round of setups that is sure to come.

Please do follow me on twitter @iTraderz as well as at where I will still do blogs when I see something special, and I’ll also be more inclusive of individual stocks since my newsletter will be closed and I’ve got nothing to hold back from non-subscribers.

Nothing bad to say here as SPY continues to trend higher, and will until it doesn’t.

Sure, today was on low volume but we can trend on low volume for a long time.

Thank you so much.

Enjoy every moment of this short life we’ve got!!!

Warren Bevan

4 thoughts on “This Is The End

  1. I have already written and posted a note…..maybe it is floating somewhere…..
    but what is absolute is my regret this be the last….very sorry about that.
    As explained in my note when I check my incoming e-mail list Wizzen would be the first to open. This Guy has a classic style… Bull…or out of this world claims…No he tells it like it is……and he has that significant ability able to reduce the most complex so that even I can follow clearly. I will miss your posts.

  2. I was an earlier subscriber, and always enjoyed your email posts, thoughts, and insights regarding the markets! I only hope the best for you and your family as you retire.

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