9 thoughts on “February 2014

  1. Even when viewing the exceptional, there are indeed people who will simply see mediocrity and foist the absurdity of a complaint…..

    In Regards to: “yeah2003 on February 9, 2014 at 12:10 AM said:
    People who listen to and read your precious metal comments will definitely lose their money.”

    But then?? I may have simply fell into the absurdity of my own saying, n’est pas?.

    Why do I get the feeling that Yeah2003 is simply a trolling derp-in-waiting?

  2. I agree on the pullback, but precious metals are blasting higher in the next month or so, to kiss their 80 week EMAs. Trouble looms technically until this key EMA is flattened, crossed and turned higher. That could take a few months, maybe tuned to seasonals. However, getting back to $1680 gold could take longer than we’d like–but not YEARS. That’s using a word condom to play it safe.

    • I do think it will and hope it takes year for gold to move back to highs around $1,900. For golds sake, it better take years or this move won’t be sustainable as it wasn’t back in 2011.

  3. Could not resist noting the dolt above and his “lose their money” statement. Your comments on gold and silver are right on. I have no further comment other than he is truly a dolt.

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