11 thoughts on “June 2014

  1. “Gold should breakout very soon, likely in overseas trading Sunday
    evening or early Monday morning to catch up with silver.”

    I really like this kind of prediction.

    • Thanks! I don’t predict though, only say what I see and talk about how something does behave.

      Gold is close and often makes its move in overseas action while us in North America are sleeping to catch us off guard so to speak. Maybe we will see the move on July 4th while everyone is away.

      What is your “prediction”?

  2. The fact is : gold is 1320 now. so, you still think gold will head lower?
    The weekly letters you published are interesting, but not useful.

        • I never profess to be right all the time, I just say what the charts tell me.

          Gold is rising on the situation in Iraq. It is most likely a buy the rumor, sell the news type of event.

          I still think gold is going lower.


          • Gold now 1272+.
            1. Are you still expecting gold to dive? If yes ,in what time frame and to what level?
            2. What level should gold hit for your analysis to infer that gold will not dive but continue higher?
            3. Would Palladium offer better returns than gold in coming 1 year or so? Could you comment on this plus stuff like Graphene, Lithium, Thorium etc n terms of returns?

            Thank you so much for your time and inputs!


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